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I’m a UK chartered psychologist who helps business owners and leaders enjoy natural resilience and wellbeing. I learned some harsh but valuable lessons after experiencing depression and burn out at work in 2006.

I want to share my personal story and insights with you in this short video and the audio below.

Every month, I offer a small number of ‘how to dissolve overwhelm’ coaching sessions. To book your Skype coaching session with me, please select a convenient date and time using this link:

Why this?

After experiencing severe stress at work, I discovered some life-changing principles for dealing with stress and creating a healthy work life balance.  As the author of Nutrition for Resilience audio program and Fit For Business, I used these principles to manage stress in a series of demanding roles and now help other business owners and leaders make stress a powerful force for good in their own lives.

Before, after… and how

Before and after experiencing severe depression following a prolonged period of work-related stress. Eavesdrop on my personal story of severe stress as a business owner in 2006.

In this brief audio, I talk about depression, 18 months on anti-depressants and how I dumped excess weight and depression for good. The audio contains some valuable tips for enhancing your personal resilience and wellbeing.



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