Are You Feeling Stressed & Overwhelmed At Work?

I Help Business Owners & Leaders Find A Clearer Mind To Get More Done With Less Stress

Is work putting you and your health at risk?

If so, we need to talk.

I’m a UK chartered psychologist who helps business owners and leaders enjoy natural resilience and wellbeing.

I learned some harsh but valuable lessons after experiencing depression and burn out at work in 2006. I want to share my personal story and insights with you in this short video.

Every month, I offer 6 complimentaryhow to dissolve overwhelm” coaching sessions. To book your Skype coaching session with me, please select a convenient date and time using the link:

Before, After … and How

Andrew Bridgewater – before and after experiencing severe depression following a prolonged period of work-related stress. 

Eavesdrop on Andrew’s personal story of severe stress as a business owner in 2006. In this brief audio, Andrew talks about depression, 18 months on anti-depressants and how he dumped excess weight and depression for good. The audio also contains some valuable tips for enhancing your personal resilience.

Get Fit for Business in 6 Weeks!

This 6 week audio series is packed with new ways to help you deal with stress at work

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