Easy Exercise Tips With The Alkaline Diet Lifestyle

Richard Branson said recently that working out regularly is the best thing he does for his business. In this short video, Andrew Bridgewater, creator of “Alkaline Exec: Limitless Energy For Your Business” provides some great “fit for business” tips on how to exercise for alkalinity.

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  1. Alan
    5 years ago

    Hi Andrew, You’re certainly looking and sounding good in the Med sunshine. I’m in my third week into the programme and I must admit I’m starting to feel the ‘exercise addiction’ – I just gotta get out and do something… AND I’ve lost 5 kg….AND I feel great. Many thanks – enjoy the sunshine.

  2. admin
    5 years ago

    Great to hear from you Alan and I’m delighted to hear that the “exercise addiction” is kicking in ! This is just the start of the benefits you’ll experience…
    All the best,