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Here Are Questions That Clients Frequently Ask Andrew, Together With His Answers.  To Ask Andrew A Specific Question, Just Fill In The Fast Contact Form At The Bottom Of The Page :-

Q. Is this all going to take a lot of time and effort ? Time being the one thing I don’t have enough of already.

A. No, my typical client has a very busy lifestyle and the small, simple changes we’ll be looking at will soon put far more time into your day than they will take out of it.

Q.  Am I going to have to give up my favourite foods and drinks?

A. No, you don’t have to give up anything. However, you will find that your tastebuds will change to the point where you will find it easy and natural to make healthier choices.

Q. Will these changes disrupt my work and life by causing me to feel hungry, to not be able to socialise with clients and colleagues ?

A. No, you won’t need to feel hungry and will be able to socialise with clients and colleagues.  Infact, they’ll probably ask what you’re doing differently because you look so well ! Do tell them.

Q. Am I just going to lose a lot of weight, only to put it all back on again (and some) ?

A. No, this isn’t a diet but you will lose weight and while the habits continue, the weight will stay off.

Q. What am I going to have to do ?

A. Make some simple lifestyle changes for a period of 21 days (research shows that it takes just 21 days of daily repetition to condition a new habit) and then enjoy the benefits for as long as the habits continue.

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