Stephanie – Incredible Alkaline Diet Lifestyle Results In 3 Weeks !

Stephanie After 3 Weeks Of The Alkaline Diet Success Formula

Of all the amazing results I’ve seen in double quick time with The Alkaline Diet Success Formula, this email from Stephanie takes the biscuit (sorry) !

Cut and pasted directly from my Gmail account, Stephanie’s pictures are stamped with the dates from her camera…

Here is an update on my progress. After 3 weeks on the plan, my body made some drastic changes. I think the most noticeable change is my skin. I get comments almost every day about how my skin is glowing and that I look 10 years younger! After the first 4 weeks, I had lost 10 pounds. My body fat percentage went from 35.1% to 31.9%! My friends say I am shrinking! It has been 6 weeks since I began the program. In the past few weeks, the scale has slowed down (I am down 13 total), but my energy level is soaring. You were right about the wheatgrass! I drink it every morning. I can’t say the taste is my favorite, but I  look forward to drinking it. I have only missed one day since I started the program and I found that my energy level was so low all I wanted to do was nap! I can’t wait to see where I will be in 6 more weeks!
Many Thanks,
Stephanie O   (before and after pics below…)

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