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Andrew Bridgewater

Personal Coaching – How To Naturally Dissolve Stress

Each month, Andrew is offering 6 complimentary how to naturally dissolve stress coaching sessions – to claim yours, just select an available date and time using this link

By the end of this session, you’ll:

  1. Understand how your mind really works
  2. Realise where feelings of stress are actually coming from 
  3. Know that there are no techniques you have to learn or do in order to have a very different experience of life

Here are some specific results that coaching with Andrew can help you achieve:

  • Eliminate overwhelm
  • Get more done in less time
  • A clearer and more relaxed mind
  • Inspiration, creativity and insight on tap
  • Feel present and “in the moment” whenever you want to
  • Easily switch off when away from work
  • Enjoy a great night’s sleep
  • Lose any excess weight and keep it off
  • Rejuvinate your relationships 

To achieve the specific results you want in just a few weeks, you may want to book a package of six 90-minute coaching sessions with Andrew.

For a limited time – coaching, including session recordings (if you’d like them), email support for 8 weeks and access to all Andrew’s information products is available for £1497 

Before, After … and How

Andrew Bridgewater – before (left) and after experiencing severe stress & depression. 

Eavesdrop on Andrew’s personal story of severe stress as a business owner in 2006. In this brief audio, Andrew talks about depression, 18 months on anti-depressants and how he dumped the weight and depression for good. The audio also contains some valuable tips for enhancing your personal resilience.

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