How To Dissolve Stress AND Boost Your Immune System

Are you anxious and concerned at the moment?

As a Chartered Psychologist, published author and mental health coach, you can apply for a complimentary “lockdown” session with me, using this link:

What’s The Plan?

1. After the complimentary session and if we’re a good fit for each other, we’ll meet on Zoom (an online meeting platform) for about 45 minutes, once a week or so for 6 sessions.

2. In your first session, we’ll discuss the specific challenges you’re facing. I’ll then introduce you to a new way of making sense of them, as well as some simple but powerful lifestyle changes that will boost your mental and physical health.

3. In subsequent sessions, we’ll revisit your challenges in the light of your new understanding and I’ll help you deal with the stress they have been creating for you.

4. By the end of our sessions, I guarantee you’ll be equipped to deal with what you’ve been experiencing and much better able to handle whatever comes up in future.

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Before and after…

Before and after experiencing severe depression, following a prolonged period of work-related stress in 2006.  Allow me to be your guide on a journey of exciting and powerful transformation.


Do You Have Any Questions?

If so, please get in touch: andrew (at) 

I look forward to hearing from you.


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