There’s a massive difference between feeling ok most of the time and feeling totally healthy and energetic virtually all of the time. Getting up every day feeling on top of your game and eager to get going is a fantastic feeling and living with abundant energy positively impacts every area of life and business.  Enhanced libido, looking great, stress tolerance, virtual immunity from the minor bugs like colds and stomach upsets, as well as reduced risk of contracting a major life-threatening illness. Rather than wait until problems hit, invest a little time each day in your health and this will pay massive dividends.  Feeling physically and mentally strong allows you to play a much higher game in business. If you think that sounds like hard work, you should try feeling lousy most of the time – now that’s really hard work!

How To Relieve Stress – Every Day

Get at least 20 minutes of alkalising exercise every day.  That means exercising for a minimum of 20 minutes at between 60{30668c59ec7b1809c2b41791b6b24e84d396575757109056fd4ba00bcc13c2be} and 80{30668c59ec7b1809c2b41791b6b24e84d396575757109056fd4ba00bcc13c2be} of your heart-rate maximum.  A simple metric for maximum heart rate is 220 minus your age.  Make sure you warm up and warm down properly.  Find a form of exercise that you love, do it for 21 consecutive days and you’ll become positively addicted to the benefits. According to Richard Branson, working out every day is the best thing that he does for his business.

Daily alkalising exercise can actually turn back the biological clock!  If you’re sceptical, read “Younger Next Year” by Dr Henry Lodge and Chris Crowley.

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