Here’s a comment on a podcast I recently recorded about resilience and wellbeing at work…

“The podcast I listened to today, with Andrew Bridgewater, was by far the best of the lot. As someone who has had issues with depression myself, I found some of the stuff he was talking about incredibly insightful. If only I had spoken to him a couple of years ago instead of my GP!

When he was talking about cognitive therapy, and how changing a negative thought into a positive thought was easier said than done, it felt like he was talking to me.

The whole idea of us living our own virtual reality is something I am keen to explore more. I was on Amazon within minutes of the podcast finishing buying the guy’s book.”

You can listen to the podcast below. I’d love to hear what you think of it too.


Richard Hill

When I first met Andrew I have to say I was a little sceptical, but I decided to give his program a go! Within days of making some very 'simple' changes to my daily routine I was blown away with how it had changed me overall, several months later and my...

Ross Bridgeford

I’ve known Andrew since the middle of last year and since being introduced to his work I have been absolutely blown away by his ability to GET PEOPLE TO TAKE ACTION. When he harnesses this awesome coaching ability within the alkaline diet the results are...

James Watson

I've seen the impact FIRST-HAND of Andrew's amazing work so if you'd like to discover simple ways to reduce stress and live with naturally high levels of energy and vitality then you must check out how to work with Andrew.

Paul Dodson

When Andrew and I started working together, I was drinking around 10 cups of coffee a day, living an unhealthy lifestyle and was very keen to make some changes. Within 6 weeks, I was looking and feeling totally different. My coffee addiction had turned into an...

Gillian Fox

Thanks Andrew for introducing me to the benefits of Alkalising - and wheatgrass has been an amazing addition to my everyday routine. I now feel far more energised, and my immune system is stronger and I no longer feel sluggish or over tired. My skin looks fresher and...

Julian Wellings

Guys - his name is Andrew Bridgewater and if you act on what he says not only will you lose your beer gut, but you could even prolong your life. Seek him out and listen to one of his talks or engage him for some coaching. You will not regret it.

Bridget O’Sullivan

Thank you Andrew for your fantastic programme. The Alkaline Diet Success Formula gave me exactly what I was looking for -  A REAL ENERGY BOOST or should I say REAL ENERGY! The weekly sessions were informative, encouraging and fun! People strive...

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